What is Maranatha?

What is Maranatha?

Far off the beaten path in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula lies a piece of land that many people have only had the opportunity to experience in their dreams. Over a square mile of wilderness, just outside of Paradise and adjacent to Lake Superior State Forest and Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the Maranatha Preserve is the ideal setting for hunting, fishing, hiking and roaming – a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and experience the very best that the great state of Michigan has to offer.

Having been first purchased and utilized by the previous generation of the current ownership, the Maranatha Preserve has been dedicated to remain a recreational outdoorsman’s dream property. Over the decades, as the property was improved upon, three lakefront cabins were built with all the necessities. Each cabin features pristine views of the lake, and the main cabin even has a panoramic deck and windows for amazing views from three of its sides. The property features five lakes, over ten miles of private roads and old logging trails, five blinds for hunting and photography, three functional garages, and an insulated pump house for each of the two active wells.

A Wildlife Refuge

With just over 655 acres of undeveloped land, the Maranatha Preserve is rife with impressive flora and fauna. It is no rare occurrence to see martens, otters, beavers, cranes, egrets, ducks, geese, or deer – not to mention the bears, moose, and wolves. Oh yeah, and whoever said there are no more wolverines in Michigan was wrong. They’re here too.

Want to go fishing? The five private lakes that the property boasts have been stocked with perch for decades, and Preacher Lake even has a boat house for storage, just down the shore from the largest of the three cabins. The lakes are great for swimming, too!

Riding the trails on an ATV or souped-up golf cart, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees – because there’s so many of them: white, red, and jack pine, spruce, oak, and maple, just to name a few.

Award Winning Hunting

The property is home to trophy-worthy bears and deer. In 2016, one of the family members of the current ownership took the largest bear ever in Chippewa County, and the 9th largest in the state from one of the five blinds. Pictures, or it didn’t happen, right? Well thankfully we’ve got the footage, and the video can be viewed on the homepage of this site.

Nearly 25 percent of the property is contained within a fence and privacy gate, ensuring that no public hunting takes place.

Endless Possibilities

With over a square mile of private land adjacent to a combined one million acres plus of state park and state forest, the possibilities are truly endless. Lake Superior State Forest alone boasts over 500,000 deer, elk, rabbits, grouse, raccoons and possums, just to name a few, as well as 136,233 acres of water. Additionally, nearby Whitefish Point “acts as a natural migration corridor” for many different species of birds, and is the “premier migration hotspot in Michigan”!

We know that daydreaming in front of your computer has its perks, but every minute spent staring at the screen is a minute not spent in Paradise. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity – inquire with us today!